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As the nerve centre of an automated tanker's cargo operations system, the cargo control room should be off-limits to all except the master, chief officer, engineers, the pumpman and cargo watch officers. A notice 'Authorised personnel only', or an equivalent, should be posted at each access to the CCR.
At sea the CCR will be left unattended at night and some means of security should be provided. If the access doors are locked, they should be fitted with viewing ports so that the off-going watch can check the room visually before retiring.
If the room is left open, the valve control system should be provided with a key-operated safeguard to prevent operation of cargo system valves through curiosity or malice.
The valve operation system should be such that a power loss will not activate the cargo valves, that is, so that they will fail safe 'as-is', neither closing nor opening until power is restored or they are operated locally by hand power.
If the CCR is on the main deck, external access doors and port dead-lights must be closed and fully dogged before going to sea.

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