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Make sure that the vessel has the necessary stern trim while stripping tanks and record the drafts in the logbook.
The cargo is considered to be fully discharged when the ship's pumping equipment is not able to discharge any additional material from the vessel's tanks or pipelines. The pipelines should not be drained back to any tank until all cargo tanks have been inspected.
If open inspection of the cargo tanks is permitted and requested by the terminal representative or the independent petroleum inspector, then the IGS pressure should be decreased to minimum to permit opening of tanks.
If any tanks contain measurable ROB they must be gauged and checked for pumpable cargo. Accurate calculations of the volume of ROB in each tank must be made using the wedge formula (section 5.35). If ROB exists in wing tanks, be sure to use the actual tank bottom breadth at the ullage depth in making the wedge calculation (not the reference tank breadth).
By the end of the discharge, the pumping performance report should be filled in and ready for the master's signature. After the master has signed it, present a copy to the terminal for signature and return. This document is an important defence against pumping performance claims.
Advise the agent that cargo discharge has been completed and ask the agency representative to confirm the order time for tugs and pilots. Confirm any advance notice of un-docking required by a vessel traffic service.
If dirty ballast is to be taken in cargo tanks, make sure that the tanks are stripped completely and witnessed as empty by the terminal representative/or independent inspector. Strip all lines and pumps to be used for filling the dirty ballast tanks. Any oil found floating on the top of ballast during the cargo completion survey will be measured. If measurable oil is found, it is essential to provide an explanation for the vessel's inability to discharge this cargo ashore in order to defend against a claim that the vessel sailed with pumpable cargo on board.

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